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Every one of us is exposed to propaganda techniques every day. They're designed to persuade us to accept ideas, buy propositions and products, or spur action. Parents and teachers use them to guide behavior. Advertisers and media sell us stuff. Religious leaders use them to inspire (and fill collection plates) and, of course, politicians rely on propaganda to get elected and influence public opinion. We all use these techniques, even unconsciously, to win arguments, persuade, flirt, convince and coerce those around us. The Propaganda Game is designed to teach you how to recognize more than fifty different techniques so your responses to this daily onslaught will be more informed, alert and discriminating. Our database has thousands of examples from the aphorisms of the wise to the screechings of the scoundrels of history. No matter who you are, young, old, rich, poor, devoted or indifferent, no matter what your world view, playing this game will sharpen the mental tools needed to make sense of an increasingly complex world. We do not endorse any political, religious, or ideological viewpoint here at The Propaganda Game site - we seek only the manipulative mechanisms in all postures, and offer a magnifying glass to see them. It is one thing to know that you're being misled, it's another to know HOW you're being misled. We invite you to begin your journey into Propaganda by looking at very basic examples from various spheres in life shown below. Click Here to see the original introduction to the PROPAGANDA GAME from the authors: Robert W. Allen and Lorne Greene
Examples of Propaganda Techniques

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In the next series of examples, you can try to predict the techniques being used from among several options. Swipe left to see our answers, and continue swiping left for more examples. Keep in mind that the suggested answers are just our opinions and that the purpose of this game is to explore and predict how others think and respond.
Explore the Rabbit Hole

Now that you have some familiarity with the techniques, it is time to see just how far down the rabbit hole goes. Click the image below to play either the Classic version of The Propaganda Game or the Single Player version which consists of over 3,000 examples in which you can choose your match based on customizable categories and spheres of life such as Politics, Media, Relations, and Reflections.