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Explore the Rabbit Hole

Before beginning your journey into the world of propaganda, we would like to suggest that you start by playing our Classic game below. This version of the game was originally created fifty-five years ago by Lorne Greene (the actor from the old western series Bonanza) and Bob Allen. The two hundred and forty examples in the classic game are more than enough for anyone to reach a level of familiarity with the techniques. After a few matches from each of the six Sections, you'll be ready for a more current and all encompassing experience found in the Single Player Game. More information about the Single Player Game can be found below the Classic Game on this page. You may also reach the Single Player Game, by clicking "PLAY ONLINE" at the top of this page. At any time you can access all fifty-five techniques and their definitions by clicking "TECHNIQUES" at the top of this page.



Click Image to Play the Classic Version of the Propaganda Game

Single Player Game


The Single Player version of the Propaganda Game has examples that are current and customizable matches. Click Single Player Game above in purple text, or click PLAY ONLINE in the top menu and then select Single Player to begin a match. The game will load in a separate window that you can resize to fit your monitor while having access to this website at any time. After the game loads and you see your name on screen, choose Selection Process or Help in the main menu. Once in the Selection Process area you will be able to choose which section(s) and which spheres of life and categories you would like to see examples of in game.

Playsm Click Here to View the How to Play Tutorial

To keep things simple at first you may want to simply click the green READY button at the bottom right of the Selection Process screen to jump into your first match. Your scores are not compared to other players so there is no reason to worry about doing well at first. In game scoring is only available as a way to gauge your own progress. You may choose to see only examples with Images, only examples that have been rated high, and also choose between Author and Popular versions to decide who the arbitor for each example will be. After selecting your criteria (or none at all) from the Selection Process screen - you will be taken to the game board area where step by step instructions await.

The selection process and game board are extremely simple to use, but please consult the in-game help files to understand what each element on any screen does. Finally, in the middle of the Selection Process screen, and in game, you will find a pearl that when clicked will display all the techniques and their definitions. Or you can access the technique definitions on this website by clicking TECHNIQUES at the top of any page.

Give yourself a few days or even a few weeks to get fully familiar with the techniques and remember..., you may see a technique being used in any given example that the Author did not see. There are no right or wrong answers. You are trying to vote on what you believe either the author decided was the most obvious technique being used, or what the popular consensus is. You are free to disagree with the Authors' answer or the Popular vote by commenting on any given example. Your dissenting vote will increase the popularity of the technique you chose for the example in question.

After becoming comfortable with the different sections and techniques..., it may be time for you to help bring some illumination to the world by becoming an Author yourself and submitting examples that you find in your life.