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Using the Submission Tool
To use the Submission Tool, you must first register to become a member. Registration is completely free, and we will send you an email with your username and password. Once a member, simply click on Submission at the top of the site. The site will scroll down to an area with a microphone image where you have a few options. If you have submitted previous examples, you can edit, view, or delete any of your submissions in the Authors Section link. Remember, if you make changes to any of your submissions, they return to an unapproved status. We will review your changes within 24 hours. You may also use our Meme Maker to place Text on an image used in your submission. Save your image to your harddrive so that you may import it in the Submission Tool. 

If you are ready to submit an example, click on New Submission underneath the microphone image, or you can click on New Submission in your Author area. Once the Submission page loads, you will see your Username and Email in the first to text input areas in STEP 1. If you do not want your name and email associated with your new submission, you can backspace these areas and keep them blank. Blank Username and Email submissions will not appear in your Author area however. 

Step 2 is the most important step. Here, you will choose which Sphere, Category, Section, and Technique your example pertains to. Click on the drop down for the Spheres and choose one of the four. As a result of doing so, new categories will appear in the drop down under Category. Choose a category that corresponds to your Sphere. If you can not find an exact Category that accurately describes your example, no worries - just choose something close. Everyday Life is a good "catch-all" for examples that don't quite fit into any of the other categories. The Sphere and Category drop downs are not as important as the Section and Technique areas - they are simply to help players filter the types of examples they want to play in game. After choosing Sphere and Category, choose a Section. As a result of choosing a Section, the appropriate Techniques will appear in a dropdown to the right. Choose a Technique that best defines your example. As a result of choosing a technique, the definition of that technique will appear below (underneath the text boxes for Your Example and Your Explanation. Now that you have selected all four drop downs, you are now ready to begin typing your Example. When you are finished, (if you like), you can give an explanation for your example to better explain it. An example may be, "George Bush: Mission Accomplished". Your explanation may be, "The mission in Iraq was not accomplished yet. President Bush put the cart before the horse in this example." The explanation text area is not required, but the Your Example area is. 

*If there is a 2nd or 3rd technique that your example matches, please select a technique in the Secondary and/or Tertiary dropdowns. These are not required.

Scrolling down further in STEP 3, please decide whether your example should be rated 18 or above.

STEP 4 is the image area. Here you can import an image from your harddrive that contains the propaganda technique in your example. You can also drag and drop an image from a folder or your desktop onto light purple box. This image can be a .jpg or .png. You may also use our Meme Maker if you need Text to appear on your image. Simply save your image after adding text in the Meme Maker, and then import them in the Step 4 area.

In STEP 5, please choose some keyword that best describes your example. You can backspace the two keyword defaults and begin typing your own. These keywords may not contain spaces. After finishing a keyword, use the spacebar or comma to jump to the next keyword you wish to enter. Backspace or click the X on each keyword to remove them. In the example, "Debbie told Brenda that she should try Clean Breeze to remove the spots from her couch. It is made with the powerful scientific chemical Brobax 88..." a good selection of keywords may be, "clean, scientific, furniture, product". These words are used to help filter the database for players to choose specific kinds of examples for their custom game. 

In the next step, STEP 6, you may paste a link to a youtube or vimeo video that contains the propaganda technique in your example. If the technique appears in a certain period of time in the video, you can choose when it starts and ends in the video. This will be helpful for videos that may last 10 minutes, but the example happens only for 30 seconds in the video.

STEP 7 is the submission button. Press this when you are completely finished. If you did not fill out a required field, the submission tool will prompt you to fill in the missing information. After submitting your example, you will be taken to the View page where you can see your submission. 

At the bottom of the View Page, you will notice two facebook icons. The blue facebook icon allows you to post your example to facebook for others to see. Your post will read, "What Propaganda Game technique is being used here? To see this authors' suggested answer and explanation, click the image above." This will take your friend or facebook contact to your View page to see your example. The white facebook icon, works a little different. The white icon will post your example image to facebook which will read, "To see a list of techniques and definitions to choose from, click on the image above. Use the comment section to record your choice. Buzz Allen (or whomever posts the example) will comment back with the authors' suggested answer." Upon clicking the image on facebook, a popup of all the techniques available will be displayed for the reader to choose which technique best fits your example. When the author is ready, he or she can post their answer. A dialogue or debate can proceed afterwards. The blue facebook icon is best used for examples with text, and the white facebook icon is best used for examples with an image only. An author could, (if there is text and an image in the example), use the white icon, and then reply to their post with the text in their example along with the explanation. The blue facebook icon is better served for an author to show that he or she created an example to their friends, or used for people familiar with propaganda techniques. The white icon is best used as a guessing mechanism for your friends and contacts.

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