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Grenada Email List
Statistically there are 6.8 million people living alone in the United Kingdom. It is hardly surprising that some prefer holidaying or taking breaks abroad with someone for company. Having a friend is far preferable to wandering through the Kasbah or reconnoitering the restaurant scene on one's own. No surprise either that a number of on-line services have sprung to the rescue; their purpose being to match like-minded travellers. Multiply the single Brits by similar numbers in other countries and the opportunities for travelling companionship are enormous.
Grenada Email List
Without being salacious the services cater for all tastes. This ensures that round pegs are placed in round holes. In other words if you're a twenty-something and prefer the company of other ex-grads in the same age group; you set out your stall and wait expectantly for response.
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You hanker to explore Mediterranean Spain? There is bound to be someone out there who has exactly the same idea in mind. Cycling through the Alps, back-packing the Dolomites; sharing the splendours of St. Petersburg or perhaps a fortnight in the Bahamas? You can put money on it there is someone out there, maybe a group of like-minded people, who want your company.

I thought I would give it a try: 'Semi retired, physically fit, presentable. I can manage up to three short holidays a year. I prefer female company straight / platonic. I am interested in intelligent companion; empathy, appearance is important. Time flexible, personable, sociable; supportive. Share costs and rooms maybe (own beds).

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