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Investors Email Lists
We break our active buyers list into two major groups: retail or rent to own buyers and investor wholesale buyers.
In our Active Buyers Checklist we deal with them in very similar ways. We contact them each time we have a new property that would be appropriate to send them.
For our retail buyers and rent to own buyers we would do a blast out to them with each new property that we have to retail or offer on a rent to own. We do our blast usually via, but occasionally also use voice broadcast.  Investors Email Lists    On rare occasions where we happen to know a particularly well qualified buyer and a property that would be a good fit, we will get on the phone and make a personalized call to them.
For our real estate investor wholesale buyers we use a similar strategy of blasting out the info on the property to them. Like the retail buyers list we also use email and voice broadcast, but since we often have fax numbers for our wholesale buyers as well, we have also done fax blasts successfully on occasion.

There tend to be certain investors that have proven-through doing several transactions with us-more serious buyers that others and we do, from time to time, make a call to them before blasting it out to the list.             [Image: Investors-Email-Lists.png]

Having a big, healthy buyers list is one of the keys to running a successful investing business and especially true of running a successful wholesaling business. It is well worth your time to focus on growing your list of both retail buyers and investor wholesale buyers.

James Orr is author of the book "Real Estate Investing Systems" and dozens of real estate investor courses. You can read his blog at for additional resources, free downloads and articles.

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